MADI SC.IO MM module (Prodigy, SG.Madi)

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MADI SC.IO MM module (Prodigy, SG.Madi)

Model Number: DOMIO0006

Brand: DirectOut

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SC.IO is a MADI module for the PRODIGY and EXBOX Series.
The MADI port connects 64 audio channels of digital input and output signals via a SC socket.
The socket is available for multi-mode cabling. A version for single-mode cabling is available on request.
The amount of audio channels is reduced at higher sample rates - 32 channels @ 2 FS or 16 channels @ 4 FS.
The transmission via fibre cable typically allows for long distance connections depending on the fibre mode (up to 2000 m, multi-mode or 10000 m, single mode) and the sender / receiver device.
The fibre modes of transceiver and cabling are required to match.
The PRODIGY Series offers low latency sample rate conversion (FastSRC™) for input and output.

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