NAM 603 (outdoor)

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NAM 603 (outdoor)

Model Number: 603

Brand: Smart pi

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The NAM 603 is an IP67 Rated network-enabled four loudspeaker amplifier equipped with four power amplifiers (each 12 W RMS / 8 Ω), internal DSP for audio filter and delay functions, and four autodetecting gigabit LAN ports (2 x Ethernet and 2 x SFP).

Optionally, one LAN interface can be configured as a redundancy port to facilitate the ‘fall-over’ redundancy* capabilities of DanteTM network audio.

The NAM 603 seamlessly integrates with DanteTM and Ethernet to distribute Unicast and Multicast network audio streams to PA endpoints. The NAM can ‘subscribe’ to any available DanteTM audio streams and route them independently or in combination to any one of its four amplified outputs. Importantly, with some simple changes, existing analog PA systems can also be made networkable with NAM via an IT network infrastructure.

NAM is fully compatible with DanteTM Domain Manager and is configured via web browser or the tm stagetec systems ‘Zone Controller’TM mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

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