DIGIMIC DCen32: Central unit for 32 channels with Dante audio interface

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DIGIMIC DCen32: Central unit for 32 channels with Dante audio interface

Model Number: DIGIMIC DCen mini32 Bundle - SPECIAL

Brand: Brähler

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1x DCen mini
1x CChair ONE
14x CMic ONEs
15x TM58/6 Microphones
1x CM9 to RJ45 adapter cable

The new CMic ONE and the chairman unit CChair ONE offer you improved technology in a slim design.
The CMic ONE series allow cost effective cabling with RJ45 connector, which also allows faster installation. A enw circuit design reduces power consumption and allows more microphone stations to be connected to a DIGMIC central unit.
With the new CMic ONE as well as and with the CChair ONE, conferences can be conducted optimally. The chairman unit gives you proirity - for example the delegatre units can be muted. Of course, the CChair ONE has all the functions of a delegate unit with an illuminated push-to-talk key.
Both units have integrated loudspeakers for decentralised sound reinforcement, which automatically switch off when the microphone is activated.
Please order separate RJ45 cable according to your requested cable length.
The TM58/6 microphone is included in the scope of delivery.

The DCen mini central control unit controls all connected delegate units of the DIGIMIC system, configures them automatically and forwards the digial audio signals.
The DCen mini operates independently in three different microphone modes: AUT, FLOAT fand VOX.
The DCen mini has one outlet to connect up to 25 delegate units. As soon as a unit is connected to the central control unit, it is immediately read for use without any further adjustment.
In conjunction with the brahlerOS software, the DCen mini and the connected microphones can also be controlled via software.

Software (Optional)
BrahlerOS conference software for newtwork-based control of all DIGIMIC system components. Fast and easy configuration of all delegate units from a central location.
With MicControl you control your conference from anywhere inside the conference network. You get highly secure access to the conference network, from any device, at any time, in any location.

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