CMic ONE TMD Bundle - TMD/01 Version

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CMic ONE TMD Bundle - TMD/01 Version

Model Number: 05.0154

Brand: Brähler

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The new CMic One offers you improved technology in a slim design.
As with all DIGIMIC classic desktop consoles, the new CMic ONE also enables cost-effective cabling with RJ45 connectors. In addition, this allows faster installation. In a time when a high value is placed on speed, this is more than just a positive side effect. 

A new circuit design reduces power consumption and allows more microphone stations to be connected to a DIGIMIC central unit. With the new CMic ONE, conferences can be conducted optimally. The chairman unit gives you priority - for example the delegate units can be muted. Of course, the CChair ONE has all the functions of a delegate unit with an illuminated push-to-talk key.
The CMic ONE has integrated loudspeakers for decentralized sound reinforcement, which automatically switch off when the microphone is activated. A microphone TM58/6 is included in the scope of delivery.

The CMic One Bundle is available with the TMD/01 or TM 85/6 microphone.
• Priority over delegate units
• Override key for muting delegate units
• Low energy consumption
• Cost-effective RJ45 cabling
• Fast installation
• Microphone button lights up red when speaking, flashes when request-to-speak

Digital Audio:
* 2 RJ45 connectors
* 3.5mm jack socket with central volume control

* Front panel: Aluminum painted
* Housing: plastic
* WxHxD: 139x22x142
* Weight: approx. 400 g

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