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Model Number: PZM11 LL

Brand: digital PA - Accessories

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Professional flush-mount line-level boundary layer microphone.

The PZM®-11 is a pressure Zone Microphone® designed for conference-room, security and surveillance applications. It can be mounted in the ceiling or wall in a standard electrical outlet box. Providing excellent intelligibility, the PZM®-11 is designed to look like a light switch so as not to draw attention.

The PZM®-11 has a mic-level output and is powered by 12-48 V phantom power. Like other Pressure Zone Microphones®, the PZM® -11 utilize the Pressure Recording ProcessTM in which a miniature condenser microphone capsule is mounted very close to a sound reflecting plate or boundary. The capsule is mounted in the “Pressure Zone” just above the boundary, a region where sound coming directly from the sound source combines in- phase with sound reflected off the boundary. The benefits are a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference, excellent clarity and “reach,” and consistent pickup anywhere around the microphone.

In the PZM®-11 low frequencies below the voice range are rolled off to reduce pickup of heating, ventilation or air-conditioning rumble (HVAC rumble). The high-frequency response is boosted slightly to aid clarity and articulation.

The microphone connector is a row of screw terminals for easy installation. The output is balanced, low impedance, which allows long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss.

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