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Model Number: DOPRDG011

Brand: DirectOut

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PRODIGY.MX is a multiformat audio matrix with a capacity of 1664 x 1664 audio channels.
The Advanced MX Licence includes:
Plugin Bundle C (64 Flex Channels, 64 IIR EQ, 64 Dynamics, 64 Delays), Mix & Sum bundle C (1 MatMix 64x64, 64 Summing Busses)
Plus all the underlying Essential Licence features:
Channel based routing, LTC reader, Clock Redundancy, EARS*, MADI Redundancy, Input Manager, FastSRC
The mainframe hosts up to six audio network modules interfacing with the whole range of audio protocols offered by DirectOut. Two additional MADI slots connect with selectable sockets.
The hardware is modular and the available licences are granular - this means a licence package can be tailored to meet your requirements. Check the documentation at: or call us at QVEST.

Multi Format
Seamless connecting
Bidirectional sample rate conversion (HD SRC) connects across clock boundaries.
Control is key
Globcon control manages all DirectOut devices via network - either on Mac or PC.
Local display and operation on a touch display facilitates the overview and grants basic control.
Third-party control protocols (Ember+, OSC, SNMP, JSON-API, Lawo HOME) are available as options.
Signal processing offers gain control of all inputs and outputs and channel groups for comfortable fading.
64 Flex Channels provide signal processing with excellent internal plugins:
IIR filter with six instances of selectable filter types
Dynamics with four different configurations
Delay of up to 65534 samples (= 1365 milliseconds @ 48 kHz)
64 x 64 Matrix Mixer to mix 64 freely assignable sources to 64 busses.
64 Summing Busses, each of which can sum any number of signal sources to a single feed.
AutoMix for automated mixing of different audio signals in up to 16 AutoMix groups to increase intelligibility or to reduce noise
64 Input Managers each managing the signal automatic switch-over between up to six physical inputs.
EARS™ (Enhanced Automatic Redundancy Switching) for automatic fail-over switching of an entire input port to a backup port.
MADI unlocked
New MADI modules for the audio network slots with two or four MADI ports add extra capacity to the single MADI slots.

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